This weeks must haves

Now we all know that even though most of us tend to live life on a budget (especially me, since I’m still a student) it’s often extremely hard not to browse the internet to look for things we wish we could afford. So from time to time I come up with a ‘wish list’ or rather a ‘must haves’ list of things that I attempt to save up for, makes it feel so much better I’ve ticked everything off my list. So here is a very quick post just to shop you all the glorious things I’ve been lusting after recently. And yes, I do realise that some of the things on this list are quite cheap but let’s be honest, when you’re a student every penny matters.


First and foremost, I’m currently quite obsessed with the colour yellow. Luckily it is right on trend this spring so I’ve been shopping around for the perfect yet affordable yellow day dress. Unfortunately for me the perfect dress I have my eye on is quite (if not way) out of my price range. This yellow swing from Zara is what I can only describe as the most flattering day to night dress. Match is with a simple pair of flats during the day with a messy up do or jazz it up in the evening with a pair of strappy heels and statement necklace. Either way it is a must have for your summer wardrobe.

Make up is an essential part of my getting ready to go to uni everyday. I may wear a bit too much from time to time but I do try to keep it simple when it isn’t an occasion. This is why the two make up items on my list are simple and subtle. My everyday make up routine is somewhat influenced by 60s style so this soap and glory eye shadow palette would be perfect for me with its subtle bright matt colours. The other item is a beautiful matte lipstick by MAC called ‘taupe’. Perfect to rush on during my bus journey everyday. Luckily for me my very generous sister bought me both these items which means my list is getting smaller.


White, boring or classy?

As I’ve already mentioned I have an obsession with white clothes so I decided, why not share come of my wisdom and write a blog post about all the different ways to wear white outfits. From roaming around the city doing a spot of shopping, going to a barbeque or going on a night out in town, there are so many ways you could mix up an all white outfit.

Around the city-

The problem with trying to put together outfit inspiration collages is that I end up wanting to purchase every item I see, especially since this blog post is all white.  See all know that last season’s must have trend was the return of the skort, and this season is no different. That’s why I think that this 100% polyester white skort from Topshop should undoubtedly be you’re go to item when you want to look casual but feminine whilst roaming around town on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Team up with this slouchy button down topshop blouse to give it a more casual ‘made no effort’ type of look. If you’re going for more of a crisp look this topshop cotton and organza crop top will make you look more sophisticated as well as giving your arms a bit of chance to catch some of the glorious sun. To bring back a bit of colour into your sharp outfit, add a pair of bold coloured flats such as these electric blue pumps also from topshop. This is give your look a bit of an edge, and we all know we like adding  a bit of attitude into our look.

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2014 Spring trends

Everyone who knows me probably knows that 90% of my wardrobe consists of black and white clothes, it’s a habit I find very hard to get out of. HOWEVER with the arrival of spring something about this years trends have made me very keen to venture out and buy new colours and new styles. I’m unsure if it’s the sunshine, the pastels or the fact that there are cute floral dresses in every shop window but I’ve recently been on a few shopping sprees (sorry overdraft) to change my look entirely. I’ve had enough of the chunky boots, or the layering cardigans and coats and I’ve certainly had enough of the black and white combos. So today I’m going to sharing a few of my favourite spring trends and must haves, I might also throw in a few of my recent purchases. Although keep in mind I am a student so all of these will be affordable high street stuff, can’t beat a bit of Primark can we?

1) Pastels, pastels, pastels.

Pastels are a pretty way to introduce your wardrobe with a burst of colour. A rainbow of soft springtime shades have been seen ruling the runway collections and have now started making an appearance on the high street. What’s the best thing about the pastel trend? You can pick your most flattering colour and wear it with whatever silhouette flatters and excites you. If you’re not quite ready to wear a head to toe peach lace or a mint green suit then try adding a touch of a sweet shade to your outfit that will make a big difference. Such as a simple peachy-pink blouse and team it up with a white or blue skirt, the sky’s the limit of how pastel-happy you can be. Now you may think that these bright springy looks are harder to achieve than I am leading on but here are a few (student friendly) options that I’ve recently got my hands on.


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